ShadowSoft, Inc.

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ShadowSoft, Inc. is a Texas Corporation which specializes in four areas of business: Public Records database distribution, database consultant, e-commerce tool set, and Internet URL selling and leasing.

At the core of our business, we believe ourselves to be a pioneer in the area of collecting and reselling Public Records databases. Although we no longer actively promote this aspect of the business, we do have a number of customers who we have sold databases to since 1993 and we continue to meet their needs in this area today.

Another service that we no longer promote but still provide is Database design and consulting services. As a result of managing numerous large Public Records databases, we have developed a staff of proficient database designers and programmers. Generally these skills are distributed to company contracted projects however, we welcome inqueries for individual hourly skilled needs. A few of our well know larger customers include: IBM, American Airlines, SABRE Group, EPRI, and

As the internet and the web have grown, so has our focus on providing database access tools and engines for customer web sites. Here, we have been successful in leveraging our skills into a growth sector to yield some very successful tools. Our web enabled tool set includes administrative aids which allows a single non-technical / non-programmer / non-database person to build and maintain many hundred or thousands of databases which may easily be viewed over the web. A high performance database search engine allows for sub-second responses to inquires which can span thousands of seperate multi-terabyte databases concurrently. Obviously, this technology works well with more modestly sized applications as well. Our kit includes a full function accounting system which allows online users to add themselves and begin using your e-commerse application. There are many back office aspects of the accounting system including invoice generation and credit card processing components. The accounting system is built on a scale to support millions of of customers.

Last, we have acquired many internet URLs, and currently entertain offers to purchase and lease these pieces of property.

ShadowSoft, Inc.
7750 N. Mac Arthur Blvd, Ste 120-290
Irving, TX 75063-7501